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We made computers, they didn't make us ...

29 April 2021

Art for me holds the highest energy in the stack. I think art is the purest human energy.


He's still got it

29 April 2021

Boiling activity

22 April 2021

I remember I had one of those moments of lucid thinking a few years ago while on my walk down 58th st towards where I used to work at the Brooklyn Army Terminal.

It was in the brutal summer heat in New York, where the concrete begins to melt your feet at 8am and your skin becomes a swamp emerging from the subways.

Jackhammers mercilessly tearing the street.

Sirens. Planes. Horns.

Fumes and exhaust.

Tires screeching beneath the overpass.

Repulsive bass blasting from a car.

The sun bearing down.

People rushing for no reason.

I thought to myself, “this is not sustainable.”

Two years later the streets are empty.

A global slowdown.

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 12.10.22 AM.png

A word on creativity...

21 April 2021

Everyone wants your attention.

Trash and processed junk.

Digital diabetes.

Your world becomes what you consume.

Watch only great films.

A good place to start is with Jean Epstein.

Only give it to those who sublimate.

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